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"Meta Zero’s music is art from the here and now ‒ and not made to portray the neoliberal drivel but to create a meta world and invite people to explore it. Here they see a function of art in an increasingly fragmented society: to create plausible images for environments and circumstances we live in rather than playing up to the audience. Today’s communication patterns are a test of one’s patience. If you want to do something about it, you can only convince with conviction. If you only pretend to be authentic, the audience’s attention crumbles immediately. This band is on its way to formulate its response." - Ulrich Steinmetzger

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

"All four musicians are masters of their instruments and do not deny their academic training, but do not play cerebral music that can only be understood through the analysis of their structures, but rather music that appeals directly to the senses. The album has nothing to do with a casual jam session: the unison passages, cut out as if with scissors, reveal just as much concentration as the tightly interlinked interplay and polyrhythms. 5/5" - Manfred Papst, NZZ


"In “Albatross” Samir Böhringer opens this jagged number with a drum solo, “Homunculus” also has a certain nervousness, which then calms down in the pleasant diffuseness of the “Fractal” created with a ring modulator, delay and brush rustling. Another highlight is the number “Scheinriese”, which contrasts a complex theme with surprisingly catchy harmonies. The closing number “A Sunset Over A Windy Field” is also nice, with a drone bass that is somewhat reminiscent of “In a Silent Way” by Joe Zawinul." - Andrin Uetz

All About Jazz

"Meta Zero is a mixture of free improvisation and pre-composition, but such is the degree of interaction within the band that it is often hard to tell where the one finishes and the other starts. The spirit of the music is busy, urban and frequently frenetic, and the attitude of the musicians leans into the future. 4/5"  - Chris May

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